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Free $5.5 Nanodex Coin Airdrop Event


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Nanodex Airdrop Event

NANODEX provides services in Robot industry. Develops medical robot software. Creates a robot ecosystem for factories. Develops surgical robot systems. We produce more economical , more ergonomic and more advanced biological arm enhancements for amputes. For more wait us.

About NNX Coin:

NNX is a technology organization that makes improvements on robot technologies. It makes software enhancements for robotic arms, biological arms, robotic arms for factories and many more. In addition, improvements are made in the field of artificial intelligence. Nanodex was established in order to speed up the developments and introduce NNX to the world.

Airdrop Information:

Nanodex airdrop coin will rewards +25 NNX for standard task and +5 NNX for each referrals who join from your referral links.

Things to do:

  1. Register from this link to get 25 NNX
  2. Join Nanodex official Telegram Group and Channel
  3. Follow Nanodex official Twitter
  4. Like, retweet, and tag 5 friends Nanodex pinned post in Twitter
  5. Follow Nanodex on LinkedIn
  6. Sumbit your etherum address

Airdrop token distribution will be start in the middle of June. Good Luck.

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