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Free 70 TECN Coin $49 | TECCOIN 2nd Airdrop Campaign

TECCOIN Round 2 Airdrop Campaign

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About Teccoin:

Teccoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency or electronic cash system that enables you to easily send money online.
It is a decentralized payment system and allows users send money easily without international borders.

Teccoin Airdrop Round2 Campaign

Reward: 70 TECN ≈ $49

Referral: 7 TECN ≈ $7.9

Coin Prices: Coingecko

Airdrop Information:

1. Start telegram airdrop bot

2. Join their telegram group and channel

3. Follow their twitter and retweet pinned post

4. Register their website

5. Subscribe their partner channel

6. Submit your details and ERC20 wallet address

TECCOIN round2 Airdrop Campaign will ends on 3rd July, 2020. Token will be distribution after all rounds of succesful airdrop. Tokens are sent only to ERC-20.

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